Galaxy Tap Android Mobile Game Now Available!

Galaxy Chimp for Android mobile devices.

Galaxy Chimp for Android mobile devices.

Please download my new Android mobile game here. Every rating is appreciated!


Winter Storm Delaying Many Players from Getting Dying Light

Dying Light, set to release 12/27/2015, may have a small delay as the winter storm Juno makes its way East. It may not be until 1/28/2015 that players get their hands on a copy of the game. It would have been nice for the storm to wait just one more day so that players could partake in the parkour, zombie slashing, game while the storm rages outside, but many players will need to wait one more day for the experience.

Here is a little something to get those players through the stormy weather:

Yet Another Halo 5 Beta Update!

The Halo 5: Guardians beta has another update. Now you can play a game type called Stronghold. This is where two teams must take control of three specific points on the map. This isn’t really a new concept, but a new game type for players to test out. Give it a go!